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Latest projects

  • Upgrade to Python 3 (05/10/2019 03:02 PM)

    Upgrade Archivematica to Python 3.

  • Disk Image Preservation (01/10/2017 05:12 PM)

    A project to describe preservation workflows for disk images, and impelement those worklows using Archivematica.

    The scope of this work includes:
    • Identifying disk images with more than one volume/filesystem
    • Identifying the filesystem in each volume of a disk image...
  • AtoM Wishlist (06/05/2015 07:08 PM)

    This project is where new unsponsored feature requests for Access to Memory (AtoM) can be added.

    How the Wishlist works

    When features are sponsored, they will be copied to the main AtoM project, and marked verified in the Wishlist project. Developer discussion, quality assurance testing, and other related updates will be posted to the development ticket in the AtoM project. ...

  • Archivematica integration with DuraCloud (08/19/2014 12:29 PM)

    Hosting, transfer source locations, transfer backlog and AIP storage in DuraCloud object-based cloud storage

  • Preservation Planning Module (09/28/2013 12:37 PM)

    The Archivematica Preservation Planning Module is a django app that is used to view and edit all preservation plans. AKA FPR Client.


    Format Registry
    File Identification plans
    Normalization policies
    Characterization plans