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13157Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumAuthority record edit page timeouts when multiple descriptions are related to the resourceActorNo08/21/2019
13154Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumAdd the ability to disable the nested set during CSV import to the user interfaceCSV importYes08/14/2019
13152Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumAdd --replace or --force option to DO load task to allow uploads to replace existing digital objectsAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0CLI toolsYes08/13/20195.00
13148Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureCode ReviewMediumAdd support for command-line bulk authority record CSV export task (including relations and aliases)Access to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0CSV exportYes08/13/201928.00
13142Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumAtoM no longer warns users when flash is not installed or enabledDigital objectNo08/09/2019
13133Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskNewMediumInvestigate memory usage and garbage collection in Finding aid generation issuesFinding aidsNo08/02/2019
13130Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumDC XML should include inherited creators at lower levelsXML import / exportNo08/01/2019
13126Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureQA/ReviewMediumAdd '--skip-nested-set-build' option to digitalobject:load taskAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0CSV importNo07/29/2019
13118Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumAvoid PHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements CountableJosé Raddaoui MarínAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0InternalsNo07/23/2019
13103Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureQA/ReviewMediumAdd '--attach-only' option to the digitalobject:load CLI taskAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0CLI toolsYes07/04/2019
13101Access to Memory (AtoM)BugFeedbackMediumWhen "Enable description change logging" is set to "yes", all Description updates are hiddenDescription updatesNo06/26/2019
13100AtoM WishlistFeatureNewMediumAllow an accession to link to multiple descriptions during a CSV importNo06/26/2019
13096Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureIn progressMediumRemove unnecessary data from Elasticsearch indexDavid JuhaszAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0Search / BrowseNo06/21/2019
13095Access to Memory (AtoM)BugFeedbackMedium500 error when link PDF digital object with much text contentJosé Raddaoui MarínAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.1Digital objectNo06/20/2019
13090Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumDefault static pages text needs review and updatingDan GilleanStatic pagesNo06/18/2019
13076Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumPrevent or warn users who add static page with slug that's already used by a routeStatic pagesNo05/30/2019
13071Access to Memory (AtoM)BugFeedbackMediumBrowse hierarchy is not displaying alphabeticallyCorinne RogersAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0No05/29/2019
13063Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumTerm maps no longer rendering with Code field due to changes in Maps API key requirementsWeb service APINo05/28/2019
13051Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumAtoM Web Installer 504 timeout issueAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0InstallationNo05/23/2019
13047Access to Memory (AtoM)BugFeedbackMediumAlternative identifier values are not tokenized in the search index, and can't be translatedDan GilleanInformation objectNo05/23/201920.00
13034AtoM WishlistFeatureNewMediumOverhaul digitalobject:load task and clarify behaviorNo05/16/2019
13028Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskCode ReviewLowRefactor settings to use new parent classAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0InternalsYes05/14/2019
13018Upgrade to Python 3TaskNewMediumAnalysis, development, and administrationNo05/10/2019
12998Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumCached XML is not being used for EAD downloads when expectedNo05/03/2019
12952Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskNewMediumGet rid of Transifex-specific content in build.xmlMike CantelonI18NNo04/12/2019

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