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12043Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewLowCSV import of accessions allows blank accession identifiersAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0CSV importNo03/14/2018
12042Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewLowAdd cache clearing after migrate task runsAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0Migration taskNo03/14/2018
12023Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumArchivist's note does not return any search resultsSearch / BrowseNo03/08/2018
12020Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureFeedbackMediumAdd command-line task for deaccession record CSV importSteve BrekerAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0CSV importYes03/06/2018
12004Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskNewMediumRemove PHP mcrypt installation dependencySteve BrekerAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0InstallationNo02/27/2018
12001Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumSlug generation behavior not consistent between different workflow methodsRoutingNo02/27/2018
11963Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewLowUnused code in the finding aid generation: $exportLangauge variable not usedFinding aidsNo02/08/2018
11961Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumLocation information is not included in reports when default culture is not enPhysical storageNo02/07/2018
11955Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureIn progressMediumAdd hierarchical (treeview-based) browse page to explore all holdings in AtoMMike CantelonAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0Search / BrowseYes01/30/2018112.00
11944Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumUsers cannot enter ampersand character into global search boxSearch / BrowseNo02/01/2018
11928Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewLowError adding actor and occupations in FrenchMike CantelonAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0ActorNo01/31/2018
11906Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskNewMediumAvoid unnecessary ES update of related description when a term name is changed through the GUIJosé Raddaoui MarínAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0Performance / scalabilityNo01/25/2018
11904Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumGeneric icon that is displayed after metadata-only DIP upload from Archivematica should not be clickableAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1Archivematica integrationYes01/15/20188.00
11894ArchivematicaBugQA/ReviewCriticalProblem: Unable to fetch levels of description from AtoMSarah RomkeyArchivematica - Release 1.7.0APINo01/23/2018
11882Access to Memory (AtoM)BugFeedbackMediumCSV and XML exports including extra records and/or filesJosé Raddaoui MarínAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1Import/ExportNo01/19/2018
11855Access to Memory (AtoM)BugFeedbackMediumSearch index is not updated when edits affect descendant recordsJosé Raddaoui MarínAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1Search / BrowseYes01/10/201820.00
11838ArchivematicaFeatureCode ReviewMediumAdd Swagger documentation to SS APIJustin SimpsonAPINo12/31/2017
11827Access to Memory (AtoM)BugFeedbackHighOAI-PMH returns cannotDisseminateFormat error when using "oai_ead" metadataPrefixDavid JuhaszAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1OAI-PMHNo12/27/2017
11801ArchivematicaBugCode ReviewMediumProblem: Appraisal tab, upload DIP to ArchivesSpace failsKelly StewartArchivematica - Release 1.7.0PackagesNo12/14/2017
11792ArchivematicaFeatureDeployMediumGive the user a choice, during AIP creation, whether or not they want a normative structMap in the METS XMLSarah RomkeyArchivematica - Release 1.7.0WorkflowNo12/10/2017
11773Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumDates of creation, revision, and deletion not included in Full details finding aidFinding aidsNo12/04/2017
11761Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumUpdate slug generation rules include a more permissive optionAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0RoutingYes12/01/201780.00
11717Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskNewMediumAtoM 2.4.1 release tasksAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1No11/21/2017
11700Access to Memory (AtoM)BugFeedbackMediumAccession counter not incrementing after upgrade to 2.4Mike CantelonAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1AccessionsNo11/16/201720.00
11665ArchivematicaBugNewMediumSS: unable to browse filesystem when selecting "Relative Path" in location create/edit formArchivematica - Release 1.7.0StorageNo11/01/2017

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