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Bulk export: include the ability to limit the export to specific levels of description (archival descriptions)

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Issue #9998 will add support for bulk export of XML or CSV records via the user interface, using the job scheduler.

This feature will refine one of the options for archival description export. #9998 includes the option to indicate whether or not descendants should be included in an export from the Clipboard page or not. When that option is selected, this feature will give users further ability to refine exactly which levels are included in the export.

Instead of just including all descendents or exporting only the current level added to the clipboard, this option will give users a multi-select box (similar to the current configuration options for the inventory list included in AtoM 2.3), populated with the available levels of description in AtoM's Levels of description taxonomy. Users can then multi-select which levels should be included in the export. An "All" option will be available. This is useful for large hierarchies being passed up to portal sites: if you have a fonds with many lower levels from Fonds right down to Item, you may want to export only Fonds, Subfonds, and Series-level for inclusion in the provincial or national portal, excluding locally maintained file and item-level descriptions.


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Comments originally posted to the wrong ticket.

Sara Allain:

This is not working as expected, though I feel like it did in the past. Tested this on my 2.4.x VM, after running vagrant-box-update to update to, and on http://atomqa24x.accesstomemory.org.

Lower levels of description are not being exported unless their parent is also exported. I added a collection that includes Series- and Item-level records to the clipboard and then limited the export to only those lower levels of description (see export-config.png). This resulted in no relevant archival descriptions being found.

[info] [2017-06-20 17:17:16] Job 2765 "CSV export": Job started.
[info] [2017-06-20 17:17:16] Job 2765 "CSV export": Starting export to /tmp/search_export_2765.
[info] [2017-06-20 17:17:16] Job 2765 "CSV export": Exported 0 descriptions.
[info] [2017-06-20 17:17:16] Job 2765 "CSV export": No relevant archival descriptions were found to export.
[info] [2017-06-20 17:17:16] Job 2765 "CSV export": Job finished.

Essentially, because I didn't select Collection or Fonds to be exported, a child record of that fonds is ALSO not being exported. I can see this being a problem - archivists might want to be able to export all items in a fonds, but not necessarily the fonds-level record.

In summary: in order to export a child record, you must also export its direct parent. So if you have a collection in this format:

- Fonds
-- Series 1
--- Item
--- Item
--- Item
-- Series 2
--- Item
--- Item
--- Item

you have to export the fonds and series records in order to export the item. You can't bypass the series and only export the fonds and items.

Dan Gillean:

Note in your screenshot the help text found below the level selector:

"Descriptions that are descendants of levels not included in the export will also be excluded."

We did this because it's not easily possible to generate valid EAD XML that excludes the parent but includes the children - AtoM would essentially have to recreate a new hierarchy on the fly by temporarily reassigning child records to the next available parent, so the EAD didn't come out broken. For consistency and simplicity, we made the CSV export behave the same way, figuring it was easy enough for users to delete parent rows from a CSV if desired.

If you feel like we should revisit that, let's discuss further?

Sara Allain:

If that's the expected behaviour, that's fine. At least it's described for documentation.

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Feature is working as expected.

Eventually, I think we should consider the parent inclusion requirement for exporting children for CSV files, as they don't represent the same complexity as EAD exports. It would be beneficial, for example, to export just the fonds- and item-level records from a collection, bypassing series- or file-level records; the current functionality requires that a record's parent, grandparent, etc. are all exported.

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