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Add CSV import flag to keep existing digital objects when updating archival descriptions

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AtoM 2.4 will introduce a number of new abilities to the import module, including the ability to update existing descriptions - see #10137 and #10151 for more information.

Sometimes when updating, there will be no need to make changes to the digital object. To prevent users from having to replace it with each update, a new flag, --keep-digital-objects, will be added. This CLI option will skip the deletion of existing digital objects and their derivatives. If a digital object is to be replaced by the import (when this flag is used), the existing digital object must be manually deleted via the UI before the import.


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Hi Dan, assigning to you to QA / Verify.

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Notes for documentation from the developer:

In qa/2.4.x:

The new CLI param for csv:import (--keep-digital-objects) works only when --update="match-and-update" is set. This new feature will NOT work when 'delete-and-replace' is specified.

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This works.... but is perhaps not useful in 2.4 - the option was created by Artefactual to solve a particular client need in a 2.3 release.

Essentially, the 2.4 import update code will ignore either a) a null value in a column, or b) the identical value that was previously assigned. As such, even if you remove all the digital object information from the CSV, when updating with --match-and-update your digital objects will remain unchanged. You cannot use the CSV to simply REMOVE the digital objects - you would need to do a --delete-and-replace. If you want to change the digital object, then you don't want to use the --keep-digital-objects flag anyway. So its use is very limited.

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