Bug #10699

Handling of packages on re-ingest

Added by Sarah Romkey over 5 years ago.

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There is an AIP re-ingest edge case that Archivematica does not handle well. To reproduce:

- Create an AIP that has zipped packages which have not been extracted.
- When re-ingesting the AIP, choose to extract the packages and delete the packages.

Result: the AIP will have both the extracted contents and the packages. Both will be reflected in the METS file but the packages will not have any of the re-ingestion events associated with them, because from the dashboard's point of view, they shouldn't have existed any longer.

Possible solutions to this:
- do not support this workflow by throwing some kind of error during re-ingest to inform the user.
- if we implement PREMIS 3, the directories that contain the extracted objects could be treated as intellectual entities and have re-ingest events associated with them.
- others possibly?

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