Feature #10762

Make "language of description" labels consistent in Visible elements module, RAD edit template, and RAD view template

Added by Creighton Barrett over 5 years ago.

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The labels for the "language of description" element in the Control Area are not consistent:

  • The label in the RAD view template is "Language of description"
  • The label in the RAD edit template is "Language"
  • The label in the list of RAD elements provided in the Visible elements module is "Language"

It is easy to confuse this with the RAD "language of material" note (RAD 1.8B14, which is actually labeled "Language" in RAD but really means "Language or languages of the unit being described"). It would be nice if all three of these labels read "Language of description" or "Language(s) of description" so it would be easy to distinguish from "Language of material."

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