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Improve video derivative regeneration process

Added by Dan Gillean almost 5 years ago.

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See the comments on #10221:

A note: when I was testing I wasn't getting any thubmnails generated because I was using videos that were shorter than 30 seconds. It looks like the code currently use a frame from 30s into the video for the thumbnail and just fails if the video is shorter than 30 seconds. :(


Yes, it's hard-coded to a 30 second offset - I was surprised as well. I would be in favour of lowering the value to 5 or 10 seconds. The decision to use 30s was probably based on a client request though, so we should take that into consideration. We could also consider setting a default and having a configuration setting (i.e. in the config files, not UI) to override the default. I would also love to add a check for the total video length to avoid getting a blank thumbnail if the offset is higher than the play time, but adding that functionality would depend on how much time we have available to work on improvements.

This feature request would be to:

  • Add a check so that, when a video is shorter than the default offset value for the derivative, it will adjust to an available offset.
  • System administrators can adjust the default offset value via a configuration file setting

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  • Related to Bug #10221: Regenerate derivatives task does not seem to be working added

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