Bug #11004

Filters button broken on mobile

Added by Tim Hutchinson about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

Status:VerifiedStart date:03/24/2017
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Target version:Release 2.4.0
Google Code Legacy ID: Tested version:2.3, 2.4
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Testing on an iPhone 6, the Filters button/toggle no longer works, i.e. the list of facets does not expand. When you press on it, it flickers but otherwise doesn't respond.

I'm not set up with the right tools to access the debug console on the phone, so I don't know what error is being raised.

Observed on a recent version of 2.4 (local test box), the production version of Archives Canada, and the 2.3 demo site.

Using an emulator, it looks like this is also an issue with iPhone 5.
Also Android:

I'm pretty sure I remember seeing this working :)


#1 Updated by Tim Hutchinson about 5 years ago

One of our developers had a look at this via Chrome tools, and he reports that there doesn't appear to be a jQuery event tied to the "Filters" button. And no javascript error is reported.

I'm venturing out of my depth, but I'm wondering if this commit could be the culprit:

There is both a facet-header class and facets-header. Facets-header seems to be relevant one here, but this commit appears to have merged the click actions (in dominion.js) for the two classes, starting around line 126.

#2 Updated by Tim Hutchinson about 5 years ago

Update: restoring this snippet of code in js/dominion.js seems to have fixed the issue:

$facets.find('.facets-header a').click(function (e) 

#4 Updated by David Juhasz about 5 years ago

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Nick, please assign to a developer to code review.

#5 Updated by Nick Wilkinson about 5 years ago

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Hi Steve, can you please do the CR?

#6 Updated by Steve Breker about 5 years ago

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I've tested the change against qa/2.4.x and stable/2.3.x - all looks good. Fix is merged and PR is closed. I have cherry-picked this fix to stable/2.3.x as the same issue affects that release.

Issue can be replicated in Chrome using the built in Developer Tools (toggle device toolbar) and narrowing the field of view until the facets are replaced with the Filters dropdown. Without Darryl's patch, the button is present but it is unresponsive when clicked. When his change is in place, the Filters dropdown works as expected.

I also tested with both the Dominion and Archives Canada themes - the issue affected both themes, and the fix corrects it in both.

Run 'php symfony cc' after deploying.

#7 Updated by Nick Wilkinson about 5 years ago

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#8 Updated by Dan Gillean about 5 years ago

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Tested on latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, as well as IE11 - works! Thanks to Tim and Darryl for identifying this bug and submitting a fix!

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