Feature #11081

Add new occupation access point with notes field to authority records, supported by Actor occupations taxonomy

Added by Dan Gillean about 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Status:VerifiedStart date:04/12/2017
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Target version:Release 2.4.0
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This feature will introduce a new way to capture and search/browse information about actors. A new taxonomy for "Actor occupations" will be added to AtoM (empty by default), and a custom, repeatable set of fields with an autocomplete linked to the Actor occupations taxonomy and a notes field per access point will be added to actor view and edit pages. We will also make sure that these new fields are supported via import and export (EAC-CPF XML and CSV), and that users can make use of the new data via search and browse, with the addition of the occupation data to the search index, and a new Occupations facet added to the authority record browse page.

Features covered by this enhancement include:
  • Adding a new "Actor occupations" taxonomy
  • Creating a new access points area in the Authority record view and edit templates
  • Adding repeatable occupation fields (term, note) to the Authority record edit and view pages
  • Adding new Occupation data to the Elasticsearch index for actors
  • Adding a new Occupations facet on the Authority record browse page, which will use the Actor occupation terms added as access points
  • Ensuring that CSV and EAC-CPF XML import and export capture Actor occupation data
  • As usual, ensure that all user interface labels and content fields are i18n wrapped so they can be translated, and that aria tags are added where appropriate.
  • There will be a database schema migration needed for upgrading users

For the EAC-CPF XML work, we will make use of the following elements:

For the CSV import and export, the following names can be used:

  • actorOccupations
  • actorOccupationNotes

These fields should support piped inputs so that multiple values can be imported and exported - and it should be possible to have an occupation term without a corresponding descriptive note. In the archival description CSV templates it is possible to manage event/actor data by using a literal NULL value in paired columns you want to leave empty - I believe this started around issue #8844, but see the docs here for context. We should do the same here, so it is possible to have the following:

|        actorOccupations           |         actorOccupationNotes          |
| ocuppation 1|occupation 2         |  NULL|Note for occupation 2           |


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