Bug #11114

Normalization report showing "Passed" for validation when should be N/A

Added by Sarah Romkey over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Target version:Release 1.7.0
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With the new MediaConch functionality, validation checks can now be run on access and preservation derivatives, if there is a validation rule for the formats of the derivatives. In the attached screenshot, the normalization report is as expected for the Preservation derivatives- validation was runq using MediaConch on all but one (the missing one has no preservation derivative). For the access derivatives, although no actual validation has been run (no rules for these formats) they're all stated as "passed". Instead it should read N/A.

This was tested using the dev/issue-9478-preforma branch.

norm_report_validation.png (55.7 KB) Sarah Romkey, 04/26/2017 12:36 PM


#1 Updated by Joel Dunham over 4 years ago

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I looked into this issue and was unable to reproduce it. I tested with a VM with AM branch dev/issue-9478-preforma-qa-1-x deployed (AM FPR Admin branch dev/issue-9478-preforma) installed and did not observe this issue. I looked at the dozen or so normalization reports that are created in the course of running the "@preforma"-tagged tests (see dev/issue-9478-preforma-am-1-7) and the Preservation and Access columns of the normalization report were always displaying "Passed", "Failed" or "N/A" as appropriate, in particular when "Normalize for Preservation" was performed, the "Access" column always read "NA", and vice versa.

This issue may have been inadvertently fixed in one of the more recent commits in the above-mentioned branches.

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Hi Sara, can you take a look at this to Verify that this is no longer an issue?

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