Bug #11460

MediaConch output still too verbose

Added by Joel Dunham over 4 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:08/28/2017
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Target version:Release 1.7.0
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Sometimes the MediaConch output (during validation) is far too verbose. To recreate:

1. Create a transfer/SIP using archivematica-sampledata/SampleTransfers/Multimedia/
2. At the "Normalize: Validate preservation derivatives" micro-service view the stdout for 0239-6e3019e9-b505-41f1-a504-bcb9ddeff960.mkv (the preservation derivative created for the original 0239.mpg) and bask in its outlandish ginormity!

Relatedly, the stdout for original files in this task contains "File <UUID> is not an access derivative; not validating" where "access" should be "preservation".

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