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Update multi-upload widget with something HTML5 based to replace Flash dependency

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To reproduce
1. Create new description
2. Click More -> Import digital objects

Result: A page using a Flash component is used to upload multiple files.

Expected result: Flash is pegged for end of life by 2020, is riddled with security issues and many platforms don't support it (e.g. iOS).

We should look into using a Javascript of HTML5 alternative to our multi-file uploader I think. It might also be worth looking into just how useful / clear having 2 separate digital object import pages is (I always found it confusing / unintuitive...). Could we combine the two?

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#1 Updated by Dan Gillean over 4 years ago

Related forum thread: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/ica-atom-users/SMwaiL6Blck/rzE8sTE7CwAJ

My response on forum:

I don't think that we've yet produced estimates for the work required to replace this. From what I recall the developers telling me in the past, the current uploader is part of the YUI library tools that were used in the original development of AtoM. At this point, the entire library is deprecated, and no longer being maintained. Artefactual does monitor the plugin for relevant security issues, but at this point we need to replace the entire library, which I believe is responsible for certain other UI elements desperately in need of an update as well, such as the autcomplete lookup fields, for example. It doesn't really make sense for us to add a new component to replace one YUI element without replacing the whole library - we'd like to avoid that if at all possible. But we haven't yet done the analysis to determine the best replacement and figure out some estimates for the work involved in implementing it.

Currently the video player in AtoM also requires Flash, so that's another element to replace. There's a great thread about this, and player accessibility requirements, here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/ica-atom-users/TWJz3fVAUDc/6wtICpjhjvsJ

We have previously spent a bit of initial energy looking into potential crowd-funding platforms in the past, but in most cases, what we heard back from our users was that many institutions would not be able to secure funding towards something that did not have a definitive deliverable, like a development contract. Contributing money towards a feature that may or may not receive enough support to be implemented was much less likely for institutions who generally have to go through strict purchasing requirements, so we stopped pursuing it as an active funding option. However, we have worked with institutions to connect them to other institutions so that features can be collaboratively funded, but via the standard development contract route - in this case, what we need is one person/institution willing to be the designated point of contact (who will take on coordinating development requirements, testing, feedback, etc for all the participating partners), so that we don't have to try to coordinate with conflicting feedback and unclear chains of communication during a development contract.

I will speak to our developers and try to get some more information on what would they think be involved in replacing the YUI library elements - or at least all elements requiring Flash at present. We can possibly supply some rough ballparks / order of magnitude numbers and if there is serious interest, we can do further analysis to turn those into firm estimates.

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Also moving this to the wishlist project, since it is kind of an unpsonsored feature request.

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