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Add Google Analytics custom dimension for institution names

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Target version:Release 2.5.0
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This feature enhancement will add support for Google Analytics code to record institution names as a custom dimension in Google Analytics pageview reports. By doing so, users who set up an Analytics account will be able to collect data on a per-institution basis, making this useful for multi-repository installations.

Deliverables: Add Google Analytics custom dimension to record institution name on the archival description, authority record, and archival institution view pages when:
  • the AtoM site is configured with a valid Google Analytics tracking id.
  • the resource is linked the an archival institution (e.g. an archival description, or one of its ancestors, is linked to an archival institution).

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Related to Access to Memory (AtoM) - Feature #6090: Google Analytics - add support for Universal Analytics Verified 12/06/2013


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Notes for test and documentation:

As a good side effect, we have moved from the old 'ga.js' deprecated method to Universal Analytics with this changes, it doesn't require any change in the configuration and the old method doesn't allow custom dimensions. See:


To enable the custom dimension for institutions:

In the Google Analytics property used to track the AtoM site, the one with the key that's is set in 'config/app.yml', create a custom dimension to track repository related views. Use 'Hit' as the scope and set it to active while following:


Set the created dimension index number in 'config/app.yml' bellow the API key and un-comment that setting. Clear the Symfony cache and restart PHP-FPM.

This will set the source culture authorized form of name from the repository (or related repository) as the dimension value before sending the page view hit in the following pages:

- IOs inde page (all templates): repository value (direct or inherited)
- Actors index page: maintaining repository
- Repository index page

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Browser cache may be impeding to get this data from some users for a while.

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