Bug #12244

No way to restrict translation abilities to specific descriptions or repositories

Added by Dan Gillean almost 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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First reported in the AtoM user forum, 2018-05-30: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/ica-atom-users/93wSIVP8uO4/Ksbek6M2AAAJ

Test 1

To reproduce
  • Log in as an admin
  • Create a new test description - French test collection - and save.
  • Navigate to Admin > Users and create a new translator user.
  • Add French as an allowed language for translation.
  • In the IO permissions tab, Deny update, wiew draft, create, and delete permissions. Save.
  • Add custom permissions for French test collection - Grant all permissions. Save.
  • Navigate to Admin > Groups and make the same changes to the Translators group. Save.
  • Log out, and log in as the new translator user
  • Go to a random description (not French test collection), flip the UI to French, and add a translation.
Resulting error
  • User can add French translations to any description
  • Restricting update permissions in both user and group does not override inherited translation permissions

NOTE: after updating the random description as translator, you might see an Access denied message. This is because View draft has been set to deny. However, if you log back in as an admin and navigate to the edited description, you will see that the translators changes have been saved.

Expected result
  • Translator user should be denied update permissions for all descriptions except French test collection

Test 2

To reproduce
  • Create a new contributor user. Give them permission to translate to French, but do NOT add them to the translator group. (they should only be a part of contributors group)
  • Repeat the global permissions changes described for the translator user and group above, for the contributor user and group. Save
  • Log out, and log back in as the new contributor
  • Flip the user interface to French, and try to edit a description
Error encountered
  • Contributor can still edit any description in French interface
  • Individual user and group permissions changes do not override the permissions assigned by giving the contributor permission to translate in French
Expected result
  • It should be possible to allow a user to edit/translate in multiple languages, but restrict those permissions to a specific description, or the descriptions of a particular repository
  • Changes made to the group to which a user belongs, and to the individual user permissions, should override the inherited permissions assigned via adding a language


I also tried setting up a contributor with similar permissions as described above, but without explicitly giving them French translation permissions. In that case, the permissions work correctly in English. However, no description, including the French test collection, can be edited/translated while in the French interface.

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Hi Steve, can you please look into this?

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