Feature #12621

Allow users to configure default values to pre-populate certain fields in new descriptions

Added by Dan Gillean almost 3 years ago.

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This feature proposal was first mentioned in the AtoM user forum on 2018-12-07:

From the user:

I've just had a question from an Archivist about the the possibility of having default values in the Archival Description templates. For example the Conditions governing access within the Conditions of access and use area. Staff would like to have the same paragraph of text in each record but would like to avoid copying and pasting into each record each time. Is it possible to have some of the form pre-populated with some default values?

This could be implemented as a new module where users would:

  • Select the template to include pre-populated values (ISAD, RAD, DACS, MODS, DC)
  • Indicate (perhaps via checkbox, or via a master global template that only contains fully crosswalked fields) if the value should apply across all templates where crosswalking is available, or just the selected template. For example, if a default value added in the ISAD scope and content field should also display in DC/MODS desrciption, RAD/DACS scope and content, etc. Note that not all fields are crosswalked across all templates.
  • Populate selected field with text values that will automatically be populated the next time a new description is created
  • Allow users to make changes to the pre-populated content before saving the new record

There are likely also simpler implementation options that would allow for less per-standard template configuration. The key goal is to reduce the need for archivists to have to copy identical content into every description.

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