Bug #12689

Breadcrumbs disappear on description view page when using full-width treeview after visiting top level record

Added by Dan Gillean over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

Status:VerifiedStart date:01/08/2019
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Target version:Release 2.5.0
Google Code Legacy ID: Tested version:2.5
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Reported 2019-01-07 via email from a community member (see HS-4858 for more info). Reproduced in the 2.4.0 demo site, as well as in my 2.5 local vagrant box on Chrome, Firefox, and IE 11.


The full-width treeview uses AJAX to perform a partial page reload as users navigate, unlike the the sidebar treeview, which reloads the entire page as users click on different descriptions in the treeview. It appears that the breadcrumb trail is not currently included in the refreshed elements when navigating, meaning that if you visit the top-level record of a hierarchy (where there is no breadcrumb), the breadcrumb trail will not display when subsequently navigating to lower levels. Refreshing the page will cause the breadcrumbs to reappear, but the issue can be repeated by simply returning to the top level before clicking on another lower-level record.

To reproduce

  • Navigate to an AtoM site with hierarchical data loaded, and then navigate to the top-level description. For example, in our demo site: https://demo.accesstomemory.org/irving-steinberg-sudbury-slide-collection
  • From the top-level view page, click on a lower-level record in the full-width treeview
  • Note that the breadcrumb trail is missing
  • Refresh the page - breadcrumbs return
  • Navigate back to the top-level record using the full-width treeview, and then (again using the treeview for navigation), return to the lower-level description
Resulting error
  • Breadcrumb trail is not visible when navigating from a top-level record
  • The breadcrumbs are not being included in the elements being reloaded via AJAX calls
Expected result
  • Breadcrumbs are available at lower levels immediately when navigating using the full-width treeview
  • Breadcrumb trail is included in the elements refreshed via AJAX when navigating with the treeview


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