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Allow users to qualify name access points using non-creation events

Added by Dan Gillean almost 3 years ago.

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First requested in the user forum 2019-01-15: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/ica-atom-users/jzk559vb4RY/JqTpUadwCgAJ

Relates to issue #12718 - see the forum thread and this related ticket for further details.


Right now, after the change made in #11828 in 2.4.1, it is possible to add other actor-resource relations from the authority record page, but:

  • It's not possible from the description page unless you are using the RAD template, and
  • Unless #12718 is addressed, it's not possible to see these relations in the body of the related description (they only appear in the right-hand context menu)

This feature request would add a Type or Qualifier drop-down field to each new name access point, allowing a user to choose the relation type. This drop-down can draw from the event types taxonomy, but that might require some changes because we would want:

  • subject to appear as an option, and
  • creation not to appear as an option (if users want to add creation relations, they should use the existing creator fields in the edit templates)


With the proposed implementation, users would be able to enter non-creation resource-event relations without having to flip to RAD or navigate to the related actor edit page and make changes there. Additionally, since creation and accumulation are the only event types directly supported in the ISAD standard, implementing this as something displayed only in the name access point area (an area that the standard doesn't address at all). So, it would simplify the workflow for users without breaking our standards adherence any more than currently.


Implementing this sounds like it would involve a significant amount of database changes, including schema migrations to move legacy name access point data.

Right now, name access points are not treated as events in the database - I think they are added to a relations table instead. If we made this change, then we would need to do something like the following:

  • Change all name access point fields to save using the events table
  • Add "Subject" to the Event types taxonomy
  • Make sure the "Subject" event type is filtered out of all event type drop-downs EXCEPT for the new types field on name access points
  • Make sure that "Creation" is filtered out of the new types field added to name access points
  • Create schema migrations to move all existing name access points from the relations table to events with eventType="Subject"
  • ??? there may be more - we will need to do a careful analysis and thorough testing to identify any unintended consequences in advance

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#1 Updated by Dan Gillean almost 3 years ago

  • Related to Bug #12718: Actors associated with non-creation event types linked to descriptions should still display in the name access points field, and be available in the Names facet on description browse/search pages added

#2 Updated by Dan Gillean about 1 year ago

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