Feature #12757

Make the repository holdings list show any description directly linked to the repository, rather than only top-level descriptions

Added by Dan Gillean over 2 years ago.

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Right now in AtoM, the holdings list included on the repository view page is hard-coded to only display top-level records associated with the current repository. It's configured here, where one of the parameters is that the parentID of the records fetched should be AtoM's root ID:

If you comment out this line, you will get all descriptions at all levels, inherited or not, displaying in the holdings bar.

This wishlist feature is in response to a user forum post made on 2019-01-28:

In this particular use case, the holdings of the repository are dispersed - some of them are held by other institutions, and might appear in an archival unit associated at the top-level with a different repository. They have a done this by directly linking a different repository to the lower-level record in the hierarchy.

The institution in question would like the holdings menu to display top-level links for their holdings, but ALSO include these lower-level records. To achieve this, technically what we want is:

  • Show any descriptions that are directly linked to repository X.

This is to say, inheritance should be ignored. If this were the case, then so long as inheritance is used properly elsewhere repository X would see its own top-level descriptions, and these lower-level descriptions in hierarchies linked at the parent level to different institutions.

Currently in Elasticsearch, we have a way of checking creator inheritance, but not repository inheritance. To be able to implement this we would need to develop something similar to how we can manage creator associations in ES, and then update the getHoldings action to use this new parameter.

For the vast majority of AtoM users, this shouldn't change AtoM's functionality - if anything, it might be useful in showing when repository inheritance has not been properly used. Ideally, we would also develop a command-line task similar to creator-unlinker developed in ticket #11910, to make it easy for users not making use of inheritance properly to clean up their site. For users with this particular use case, this would allow them to let users know about these records they might not otherwise find.

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