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Integrate MediaElement Player into AtoM and update default video derivative generation

Added by Dan Gillean about 3 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Target version:Release 2.6.0
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AtoM has supported the uploading and playback of video-based digital objects since its beta releases. The current media player for video, Flowplayer, was implemented in the 1.0.8-beta release. At the time, Flowplayer was a flash-based video player (version 3.1 of Flowplayer was released in April 2009), and version 3.1.5 was added to AtoM in August of 2009, and included in the 1.0.8 release. See development ticket #2187 in the AtoM issues list for further details.

Since the initial implementation of Flowplayer in AtoM, no major upgrades or changes have been made to AtoM's time-based media playback functionality. Meanwhile, increasing discoveries of security vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits in Flash have led an increasing amount of browsers and platforms to disavow Flash support, with many major browsers now disabling Flash by default.

This feature enhancement will replace Flowplayer with a new HTML5 based player - MediaElementJs. First developed by John Dyer at the Dallas Theological Seminary and released under MIT license, MediaElementJs is a widely-used project under active development, built responsively with a unified API that can fall back gracefully to Flash, which includes ARIA screen-reader support, subtitles, chapters and playlists, keyboard control, and more. We will also update the default generation of video derivatives to be MP4's rather than FLV files.

Development tasks

  • Remove Flowplayer
  • Add MediaElement player files to AtoM
  • Incorporate MediaElement player into AtoM pages for viewing digital objects
  • Remove Flash player check from AtoM
  • Update digital object code to create MPEG4 / H.264 reference derivatives instead of flash video (flv) derivatives

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I've looked through our current documentation and can't find anywhere that really needs updating based on this change - including current images in the docs. The process for managing digital objects has not changed as a result of this feature enhancement either. Consequently, removing the "requires documentation" flag from this for now.

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