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AtoM Web Installer 504 timeout issue

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The sfInstallPlugin process has a long running fastcgi call (loaddata) that sets up the db schema, loads all settings, and populates the ES index on a new AtoM install. On some systems this task runs longer than NGINX's fastcgi_read_timeout default of 60 seconds triggering 504 timeout errors in the browser during the install process. Adding a fastcgi_read_timeout value of 120 in the nginx/sites-enabled/atom file in the index.php section gets rid of the error. On a test VBox VM it was taking about 1 min 15 secs to complete and producing 504 errors in the browser.

It is called from here:

The long running server side tasks are run sequentially here:

Break these tasks up so that they can each complete in less than the default fastcgi_read_timeout setting of 60 secs.
Possible to break out into separate controllers? Maybe remove the ES index task so that this can just be run manually afterwards using the CLI task (perhaps it's doing more than just a search:populate?)

It is possible to work around this 504 if it appears by just keying in the next uri in the sfInstall process. See thread here:



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