Bug #13079

Timeouts occur when trying to access *Manage>Physical Storage* on Ubuntu 18.04

Added by Corinne Rogers almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Target version:Release 2.5.1
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Timeouts when trying to access Manage>Physical storage are due to a MYSQL 5.7 optimization setting that defaults to ON when running on Ubuntu 18.04

There is a MySQL bug report here that seems to be this exact issue:

Test query used to trigger behaviour in MySQL console:
select * from physical_object LEFT JOIN physical_object_i18n source ON (physical_object.ID=source.id AND source.CULTURE=physical_object.SOURCE_CULTURE AND source.CULTURE <> 'en') ;

SET SESSION optimizer_switch='block_nested_loop=off'; <-- fixes the issue

Setting this to 'off' will allow access to the manage physical storage pages - but this configuration change will be lost if MySQL is restarted.

It seems to be directly related to the 'left join' combined with the compound ON clause. This test query is based on lib/QubitCultureFallback.class.php criteria added in the physical storage browse query. I expect this slow behaviour will be encountered anywhere we are using QubitCultureFallback.class.php.


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Worked with Dan on above,

Pending deploy-private modifications for bionic and internal 2.5 ansible site configurations also including optimizer_switch='block_nested_loop=off' setting, so I believe all Percona 5.7 bases now covered.

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