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Default static pages text needs review and updating

Added by Evelyn McLellan over 2 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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"AtoM is an acronymn for Access to Memory" - acronymn should be spelled acronym.

Also, "The ICA and its project collaborators are making this application available as open source software to provide archival institutions with a free and easy to use option for putting their archival collections online. See the about page to learn more about the AtoM project." Maybe it's time to change that since the ICA does not support AtoM, and the collaborators link leads to the old ICA-AtoM wiki which says that the latest release is ICA-AtoM 1.3.1.

staticPages.yml Magnifier (25 KB) Dan Gillean, 01/20/2020 12:29 PM

staticPages.yml Magnifier - UPDATED static pages file, but MISSING the Privacy Policy static page content (25 KB) Dan Gillean, 05/06/2021 11:25 AM

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Thanks - I've linked this to #10727, which describes the About page as well. We need to review all of the default static page text in AtoM and update it. The homepage (and other static pages) also have versions in other cultures we need to review as well.

#3 Updated by Dan Gillean almost 2 years ago

Attaching an updated version of the static page content - will need developer help to create the necessary migrations.

English content on the default homepage and about pages has been updated. In other cultures, I have just updated the links that pointed to ICA-AtoM.

#4 Updated by Mike Cantelon 9 months ago

Yeah, seems like the privacy page doesn't need to be updated, just the home and about pages (for all cultures). The home page is available in 15 languages and the about page in 31 languages (46 page translations in total, but in some instances only the title's been translated).

One strategy for creating a migration would be to first capture MD5 hashes of the existing combined static page title and content text for each translation of each page where both the title and content are translated. This can be used to, when compared with the MD5 hash of the static page data in the database, make sure that a page hasn't been customized by a user before migration logic updates it.

Here's a MySQL query to find all translations (including English) of the hone and about pages where both the title and content are available. The MD5 hash of the title and content is also provided:

SELECT s.slug, pi.culture, MD5(CONCAT(pi.title, pi.content)) AS md5sum 
FROM static_page p
INNER JOIN static_page_i18n pi ON p.id=pi.id
INNER JOIN slug s ON s.object_id=p.id
WHERE s.slug='home' OR s.slug='about' AND pi.title IS NOT NULL AND pi.content IS NOT NULL

There are 24 of these translations. I'll make a migration for this.

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I've added a dev branch with the staticPages.yml in it (and the migration to do the update): dev/issues-13090-static-page-update

Let me know if the translations seem good and I'll submit a PR!

#7 Updated by Mike Cantelon 9 months ago

Here's a script that'll update @ with translations from the DB:

curl -L https://bit.ly/3gYdYSc > update_static_page_fixture.php

It can be run like this:

php symfony tools:run update_static_page_fixture.php

After you run it if you do a git diff data/fixtures/staticPages.yml you should see any changes from the DB reflected. It's only set to update the home and about pages (but could easily be changed to do them all).

#8 Updated by Dan Gillean 9 months ago

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Hi Mike!

I've fixed the About page formatting, and run the script. I'm attaching the updated staticPages YAML file output - the Home and About pages look properly corrected in this output... but I also noticed that those are the ONLY ones in there - it looks like the Privacy Policy static page content wasn't included in this version, so you might need to paste it back in? There are no changes needed to this section, and no translations for it yet, so just a few lines to kludge in.


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