Bug #13142

AtoM no longer warns users when flash is not installed or enabled

Added by Dan Gillean about 2 years ago.

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Category:Digital object
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In issue #12902, we replaced AtoM's aging Flash-based media player, flowplayer, with a modern, HTML5 media player. Additionally, in #12903 we provided users with a new option in the derivatives regeneration task to regenerate just video derivatives - by default, video derivatives will be mp4 going forward.

However, there are still cases where users may still have Flash based video derivatives in their AtoM instance, such as:

  • Users who do not regenerate their existing derivatives
  • Users who upload video content where the master is in FLV, lacking any other formats

With the new video player, mediaelementjs, when Flash is disabled in the browser and the derivative is an flv file, AtoM will just display an unresponsive black box where the video player should be. There is no indication that Flash needs to be enabled to make the player work.

Flowplayer used to have a warning, with a link to download Flash, that would display when Flash was not detected - see:

(search for "or greater is required" or "Flash version" to find the relevant lines)

Similarly, we have our own check/warning added to the digital object multi-upload page, here:

We should consider adding a similar check/warning back into AtoM.

To reproduce

  • Upload an FLV video
  • Log out and find the related description

Error encountered

  • Video player does not work
  • No warning is given to the user that Flash being blocked in the browser (or not installed) is the issue

Expected outcome

  • If flash needs to be installed / enabled for a derivative to play, we should show a warning to the user

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