Feature #13154

Add the ability to disable the nested set during CSV import to the user interface

Added by Dan Gillean about 2 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:08/14/2019
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Category:CSV import
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Progressively updating the search index and the nested set during an import are two of the factors that can cause CSV imports to take a long time to run. The command-line task to import a description CSV skips updating the index by default, and since issue #4369, has included an option to disable the build of the nested set as well. Simliarly, the user interface CSV import includes a checkbox to disable updates to the search index during import, which can be useful when performing large imports. However, no option currently exists in the user interface to disable the nested set build.

This enhancement will add an option to the user interface to disable the nested set build during a CSV import performed via the user interface. It will be implemented similarly to the current option to skip indexing - as a checkbox that a user can check.

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