Bug #13231

Regression: facets no longer allow multi-selection after ES upgrade

Added by Dan Gillean almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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In the 2.5 AtoM release, we upgraded our Elasticsearch implementation from v1.7 to ES v5.6. One of the unintended consequences of this, due to changes in default ES behavior, is that previously, if a group of faceted search results included further common characteristics in the same facet, a user could then apply a second additional facet to the results to further narrow them. In 2.5, this is no longer possible - trying to further filter a faceted result set simply removes the original facet and applies the new selection, which may change what is included in the initial result set.

To reproduce

  • Ensure you have a few records with multiple shared common characteristics - for example, a variety of records with the same 2 or more subject access points applied
  • Navigate to Browse > Archival descriptions
  • Use the facet filter to apply the first common subject access point as a limiter
  • On the results page, further common facets should be shown, including the second common subject access point. Click on this

Resulting error

  • The first subject access point facet is removed, and the second one applied

Expected result

  • Both subject access points are applied to filter the results
  • When records contain two or more common facet characteristics, it should be possible to further narrow the results by applying a second facet filter under the same facet heading without losing the first


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