Bug #13270

A description CSV import with the same name as a creator and a name access point will create duplicate authority records on import

Added by Dan Gillean over 1 year ago.

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Category:CSV export
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If a description CSV is imported and contains an event actor also used as a name access point, and no match is found in the target system, then AtoM will create two authority records instead of one on import.

To reproduce

  • Start with an empty AtoM instance
  • In one of the example CSV templates, enter the same name in the eventActors field and the nameAccessPoints field. Save.
  • Import the description CSV

Resulting error

  • Two (duplicate) authority records are created. The one derived from the nameAccessPoint field will be just a name, while the one associated with the event may have more data from other columns.

Expected result

  • A single authority record is created, and linked to the description as both a creator and a subject (i.e. name access point)

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