Bug #13295

Authority record CSV import fails when encountering new entity type (or variations in capitalization)

Added by Dan Gillean over 1 year ago.

Status:NewStart date:04/27/2020
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Category:CSV import
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Google Code Legacy ID: Tested version:2.5, 2.6
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First reported in the user forum (version 2.5) on 2020-04-22:


The typeOfEnity field in the authority record CSV template should ignore case when matching against existing terms. It should also allow users to import new entity type terms - or at minimum, skip the row and proceed with the import, outputting a clear error message to the user in the console log. Currently, it will fail if it encounters a new term, or a term that various slightly in capitalization (such as using "person" instead of "Person").

To reproduce

  • Open a copy of the default example authority record CSV import template. It contains 2 rows of sample data.
  • In the typeOfEntity column, change the first value to "Monster"
  • In the same column, change the second row's value to "person"
  • Save the CSV, and then attempt to import it to AtoM

Resulting error

  • The import fails
  • The console outputs a message similar to the following example:
[info] [2020-04-27 14:39:08] Job 2003039 "arFileImportJob": php '/usr/share/nginx/atom/symfony' 'csv:authority-import' --index     --quiet  --source-name='CSV-Import-Full-LO.csv' '/usr/share/nginx/atom/uploads/tmp/TMP76ac855d.csv'; .....;   Could not find "person" in type of entity terms array.

Expected result

  • The CSV imports successfully
  • One new term, "Monster" is successfully created in the Entity type taxonomy
  • The row that used "person" is successfully imported using the existing Entity type term "Person"

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