Bug #13298

Authority record matching produces duplicate unttitled actor record when roundtripping EAD

Added by Dan Gillean over 1 year ago.

Status:NewStart date:04/28/2020
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There's something going on with the cascading matching logic we use when searching for existing authority records to link to during an EAD import. It is causing a second untitled authority record to be created on import, containing the biog/admin history.

To reproduce

  • Create a new description. Link to an existing authority record with a history
  • Export the description as EAD 2002 XML
  • Open the EAD file and make a minor changes to title, and extent. Do not alter the actor-related fields at all. Save
  • Import the EAD XML as a new description

Resulting error

  • On import the creator is correctly linked to the existing actor record. However, a second untitled authority record stub is also created, containing only the history.

Expected result

  • If the creator name in <origination> and the <bioghist> data match an existing authority record exactly during an EAD import, AtoM should link to the existing actor. No duplicate authority should be created during import.

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