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Improve AtoM's error messages

Added by Dan Gillean over 1 year ago.

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Google Code Legacy ID: Tested version:2.5, 2.6
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Currently our error messages in AtoM do not include the more detailed error messages found in the webserver logs, which is generally needed for developers and system administrators to be able diagnose and address the error. However, many archivists are not comfortable with the unix/linux command line, and in many cases may not have the access required to retrieve the relevant error message. This leads to challenges in offering community support, and also slows response time for hosted client support.

One way of addressing this would be to improve AtoM's error messages. A draft wireframe has been attached for review and discussion.

Some notes on the wireframe:

  • I've included a section called "What can I do next?" with some suggestions for the user. This could potentially be "What you can do next."
  • The link the the troubleshooting docs should use our /latest/ trick so we don't have to update it with each version - i.e.:
  • I think the part with the console log should be collapsed by default. The other parts don't need to be collapsible, but for end users who are technically savvy, I think we should hide the log at first
  • Because the white text against a white background looks bad, I've suggested replacing the atom text logo with just the circle A. However, it's possible we're already just using whatever logo the user has added to their header - if so, we should probably keep that in place so that themed sites show the institutional logo

Regarding the console log:

  • This may require a place where a sysadmin configures the location of the webserver error logs during installation. Something to add to our installer? We can use the default Nginx path when this is not configured, but should also have a fallback message to display when the logs can't be found
  • I'm not sure if we can do any styling on this, or if we're just going to run tail -f against the webserver logs, but it would be nice to only show the most recent error message - or else, add 2 carriage returns between each log entry, for better readability

AtoM-500-error-msgs-2020-05-14.png (295 KB) Dan Gillean, 05/15/2020 12:39 PM

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