Bug #13375

Feature #13280: Create relationships between existing authority records via CSV import

Problem: authority relations CSV import "--update=delete-and-replace" deletes all but last relationship in CSV

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the --update="delete-and-replace" flag works on "php symfony csv:authority-relation-import" if you only have one relationship record for the two related actors in the CSV file. In this case it will delete all existing relationships between the two actors currently in AtoM and leave only the relationship from the CSV in it's place. That's good and expected.

However, when you use --update="delete-and-replace" and the CSV import file contains more than one relationship between two actors, only the last relationship listed in the CSV will remain written in AtoM. It's likely that the relationships preceding them actually get written into AtoM's database but then get deleted as soon as the import job encounters a row with another relationship between the same two actors (because of the "delete-and-replace" behaviour). So only the last relationship between the actors in the CSV file survives.

The expected behaviour is that all pre-import relationships between the actors get deleted, but then all relationships in the CSV import file should get added to AtoM.


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