Bug #13378

Feature #13280: Create relationships between existing authority records via CSV import

Problem: authority relations CSV import "--update=match-and-update" does not update existing relationship

Added by Peter Van Garderen almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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If the --update="match-and-update" flag is used on "csv:authority-relation-import" then AoM should look for a match on the "subjectAuthorizedFormOfName" and "objectAuthorizedFormOfName". If the "relationType" is also the same, then AtoM should update any new values for the description, dates, and/or culture fields found in that row of the CSV file.

However, despite matching existing relationship records in AtoM on the "subjectAuthorizedFormOfName", "objectAuthorizedFormOfName", and "relationType" fields, these relationships were not updated with the new "description" and "date" value from the CSV file (attached). The existing values for description were "old description" and the existing value for date was "1900".

update_relations2.csv Magnifier (318 Bytes) Peter Van Garderen, 06/30/2020 10:51 PM

match_case.tar.gz (382 Bytes) Mike Cantelon, 06/30/2020 11:52 PM


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I'm able to import two actors, create relations between them, then do a match-and-update to update the relations' descriptions/dates.

I've attached a tarball of some CSV files I used ( match_case.tar.gz).

To import actors and relations:

$ ./symfony csv:authority-import match_case/actors.csv
$ ./symfony csv:authority-relation-import match_case/relations.csv

Do update:

$ ./symfony csv:authority-relation-import --update="match-and-update" match_case/update.csv

The update should turn the description of both relationships to "new description" and dates of both relationships to "1984".

#2 Updated by Peter Van Garderen almost 2 years ago

I was not able to reproduce this issue a second time. It seems to have been caused by bad sample data.

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