Bug #13409

Object and AIP identifiers are not deleted from database after digital object is deleted

Added by Jesús García Crespo about 1 year ago.

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Report from customer:

If a digital object is deleted from AtoM, and that digital object has an associated AIP UUIP recorded in the properties/properties_i18n tables, rows documenting the objectUUID and aipUUID are not deleted from the tables.

I recently uploaded a DIP into AtoM. The DIP was generated by in our digitization pipeline and sent to AtoM to be automatically uploaded using the DIP import automation script on that machine. The DIP contained some corrupt jpg images due to a normalization problem in Archivematica. The problem files were deleted from AtoM, the SIP was run through Archivematica again after the issue had been fixed, and the new DIP uploaded to AtoM.

When I inspected the records in AtoM, I noticed that the AIP UUID was not displaying as part of the digital object metadata. After digging into the database, I eventually discovered that the information object associated with the image file had 2 object UUIDs and 2 AIP IDs associated with it – one pair from the original (deleted) object, and one pair from the re-imported image.

I suspect that the browser page for the description is not showing the AIP UUID because it is not expecting to find two values when object is queried.

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