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Improve visibility of non-creation actors in the RAD template

Added by Dan Gillean about 1 year ago.

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In archival description templates such as RAD and DACS, it's possible to add actor relations for non-creation events. In RAD there are many - publication, manufacture, broadcast, collection, etc. RAD associates the actor and the event dates directly, while other templates (such as DACS) do not

Currently, these relations are only shown in the right-hand context menu, meaning many users may not see the relations. Additionally, links shown in the dates area include the actor name, but are not displayed as hyperlinks to the related authority record.

This ticket identifies two areas for potential improvement:

1) make the related actor name in the Dates area a hyperlink to the authority record for any actor relation
2) Display the related actor name for non-creation events in the name access points, but qualified - e.g. "[actor name] (Broadcaster)"

See the attached screenshot for further context.

Regarding 2): Note that, while the DACS template separates actor names and events (and therefore the only way to add a non creation actor association is via the authority record), if you add something like a Broadcast relationship from the authority record, on the DACS template the actor name appears qualified in the name access points area, exactly as is requested here for the RAD template. The same is true of the ISAD template! This feature request will make the behavior more consistent throughout AtoM.

See also:

  • Issue #12718 has a long history on this topic, and has a request for 2) to be implemented currently. It also outlines a bug where a non-creation relation on an actor record is duplicated as a subject relation as well
  • Issue #12719 presents an alternative way of improving this that might benefit multiple templates, but require significant changes (i.e. allowing users to directly qualify name access points from the description page, so ISAD/DACS/etc users could better highlight non-creation actor relationships without having to go to the authority record page)

RAD-non-creation-actor-relations-enhancement-request.png (138 KB) Dan Gillean, 09/28/2020 10:24 AM

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#1 Updated by Dan Gillean about 1 year ago

  • Related to Bug #12718: Actors associated with non-creation event types linked to descriptions should still display in the name access points field, and be available in the Names facet on description browse/search pages added

#2 Updated by Dan Gillean about 1 year ago

  • Related to Feature #12719: Allow users to qualify name access points using non-creation events added

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