Bug #13432

AtoM finding aids fail to represent some accented characters

Added by Dan Gillean 12 months ago.

Status:NewStart date:10/29/2020
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Category:Finding aids
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Google Code Legacy ID: Tested version:2.6
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Specifically, the issue reported is for the ő character, used in Hungarian. First reported in the User Forum (AtoM 2.6 -184, hu default culture) on 2020-10-19:

Reproduced in stable/2.6.x 2020-10-29 by DG. Tested with default culture as en, as well as set to hu (Hungarian).

To reproduce

  • Create a new description. Be sure to include the ő character in a title, and in a description element (e.g. scope and content).
  • Save and publish the description
  • Generate a finding aid for the description

Resulting error

While other special characters are properly displayed, the ő character is displayed in the finding aid as # in all cases. Note that in the user interface, it displays properly.

Expected outcome

The ő character is properly rendered in finding aids, regardless of installation culture.

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