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Problem: PDF logo not inclued in PDF Finding Aids

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The PDF finding aid Full details and Inventory summary XSL templates both include a reference to an external "images/pdf-logo.png" image that should be included in the generated finding aid. However, the generated PDF finding aids do not include the "pdf-logo.png" image if it is added to the AtoM "images/" directory.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Upload the attached "pdf-logo.png" file to the AtoM "images/" directory (requires filesystem access to the AtoM server)
  2. Log in to AtoM as an Adminstrator
  3. Navigate to an archival description that does not already have a genearated PDF finding aid
  4. Click the "Finding Aid > Generate" link on the right side of the description page
  5. You will see a "Status: In progress" message in place of the "Finding Aid > Generate" link
  6. Reload the browser page periodically until the message is updated to "Status: Generated"
  7. Click the "Finding Aid > Download" button
  8. After the PDF Finding Aid downloads, open it with a browser or PDF viewer

Error encountered

The pdf-logo.png image is not included in the PDF finding aid.

Expected results

The pdf-logo.png image should be displayed before the finding aid title for both the "Full details" and "Inventory summary" models.

pdf-logo.png (42.4 KB) David Juhasz, 01/13/2021 02:56 PM


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