Bug #13536

Culture fallback not working for event notes

Added by Dan Gillean 5 months ago.

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Google Code Legacy ID: Tested version:2.6, 2.7
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First reported in the user forum, 2021-06-24. Reproduced locally in 2.6.4. Forum thread: https://groups.google.com/g/ica-atom-users/c/m6hGMRmoeP0/m/0FpXCW8-BAAJ

Currently in templates such as RAD that include the Event Note field, culture fallback does not work - that is to say, if you create a record in one culture, and then flip to another after creation, the original note will not display. This is in contrast to other translatable fields, such as the free-text date field, which will allow different translations, but defaults to falling back and displaying the source text if no translation is available in the chosen display culture.

To reproduce

  • In Admin > Settings, make sure you are using a default template that includes event notes, such as the RAD template
  • Using the language menu, flip the user interface to a different culture, such as French
  • Create a new description. In the Dates of creation area, be sure to enter data into the event note field, and the display date field. Save.
  • Flip the user interface back to English or your starting culture

Error encountered

  • Display date (a free-text field that will support different translations per culture) will fall back and show the source display date
  • Event note (also a translatable free-text field) will not fall back - instead no data is displayed

Additionally, the modal does NOT show the source string in our typical yellow box above the related field, meaning that users can't see the original source string while in edit mode when adding translations.

Expected result

  • Event note will use culture fallback when no translated string is available
  • Field in event modal behave consistently in regards to culture fallback
  • Ideally, source strings are visible in edit mode next to the related field when translating

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