Bug #13542

Applying the copyright pop-up warning to a locally uploaded PDF removes access to thumb and access deriv for public users

Added by Dan Gillean 10 months ago.

Status:NewStart date:07/14/2021
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Google Code Legacy ID: Tested version:2.7
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Given that PDFs are treated slightly differently than other digital objects regarding permissions (i.e. access to master is never restricted for anonymous users), I wanted to test whether or not the copyright pop-up would still work with a PDF. It did, but in the course of testing I discovered that the public user is only shown generic / default icons for the thumbnail and access display copy, despite permissions being set to allow access to these.

To reproduce

  • Configure the base permissions for using the copyright pop-up:
    • Allow anonymous group View Master permissions - set view thumb and view display copy to Grant as well
    • In Admin > Settings > Permissions, make sure all permissions are enabled for Copyright conditional, and Copyright pop up is enabled and has content
    • Double-check what the actionable act is (default is disseminate)
  • Find or create a new description.
  • Link a locally uploaded PDF to the description
  • Make sure description is published
  • Add a Rights statement with a basis of copyright, act as disseminate, and permission set to conditional
  • Log out
  • Search for target description, then navigate to view page

Error encountered

  • Despite anonymous group permissions and PREMIS copyright conditional permissions all being set to grant access to thumb and display copy, public user cannot see them
  • Generic icons are shown in place of thumbnail and display copy for public user

Despite this, the copyright pop up does appear before the public user is granted access to the original / master. Additionally, authenticated users can see all derivatives.

Expected outcome

  • When permissions are all configured to Grant, public users should be able to see thumbnail and display copy derivatives when conditional Rights invoking the copyright pop-up are added

Also available in: Atom PDF