Bug #13548

Cannot import 0 as identifier or display it in the treeview

Added by Dan Gillean 6 months ago.

Status:NewStart date:07/29/2021
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Google Code Legacy ID: Tested version:2.6
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First reported in the user forum, 2021-07-28. Reproduced in stable/2.6.x locally.

Users cannot import "0" as an identifier. Additionally, if a user manually enters "0" as an identifier via the GUI, it will not display in either treeview.

To reproduce

  • Create a description import CSV with a parent and child. For the child, add 0 as the identifier value
    • If desired, open the CSV in a text editor to confirm that the 0 is present (some spreadsheet applications make it hard to add null values like 0 to a field)
  • Import the description
  • Manually add another child to the parent via the GUI, and again add 0 as the identifier. Save
  • Examine the results, particularly as displayed in the treeview

Resulting error

  • For the imported description, the identifier is not imported
  • For the manually created description, the identifier is not displayed in either treeview type

Expected result

  • 0 can be imported as a literal identifier value
  • An identifier value of 0 can be displayed in the treeview


  • Most spreadsheet applications make it impossible to add "00" as a value via their UI - they will automatically simplify this to "0" without customization. However, if you open up the CSV in a text editor and add "00" as an identifier, it will both import as expected, and display in the treeview.

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