Bug #13563

Terms translation and culture fallback not working; can lead to data loss

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Target version:Release 2.7.0
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First reported in the user forum, 2021-09-09: https://groups.google.com/g/ica-atom-users/c/oTT5bzMgkAk/m/mgHiY3NIBAAJ

Adding translations to a term has a number of issues:

  • Culture fallback is not working for fields that it should, such as sourceNotes and scopeNotes
  • Adding a translation to one of these fields will still not display in the translation culture view page
  • If one of the translatable strings (e.g. sourceNotes) is NOT translated, upon save it is lost from both the translated AND source version of the record

To reproduce

  • Log in to the application as an administrator using the English interface
  • Navigate to a taxonomy such as Subjects
  • Create a new term - add at minimum an authorized form of name, scope note, and source note. Save.
  • Flip the user interface to French:

Issue 1:

  • source note and scope notes do not use culture fallback; are not displayed in the user interface in the secondary culture (French)
  • Now, while still in the French interface, enter edit mode
  • Add a translation for the scope note. Do not add a translation for the source note. Save
  • View the results on the French description. Then flip the UI back to English and view the results. Additionally, re-enter edit mode in the English interface

Issues 2 and 3:

  • Despite having a translation, the scope note still does not display in the French user interface
  • Failing to provide a translation for the source note results in its loss from the original source language record.

Expected result

  • Translatable fields in the terms module should use culture fallback when viewed in other languages
  • Adding a translation to a source string should display on the related view page when viewed in that language.
  • Not adding a translation should not result in data loss - instead, culture fallback should be used

Since this involves actual data loss, I'm marking this as high priority and tagging it for the 2.7 release, so we can hopefully address this.


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