Bug #13566

Finding aid generation: publication status should not be included when generating as public user

Added by Dan Gillean 28 days ago.

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Category:Finding aids
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Google Code Legacy ID: Tested version:2.6, 2.7
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The 2.6 documentation describes the "Generate finding aid as public user" setting as follows:

Generate Finding Aid as public user: This setting determines whether or not Draft records are included in the PDF generated, as well as physical storage information, depending on your Visible elements settings for physical storage.

When set to "Yes," draft descriptions are excluded from the finding aids generated. If you have hidden physical storage information via the Visible elements module, it will also be excluded from new finding aids generated.

Publication status is an internal administrative control for public visibility - it has no meaning to archival researchers. Further, by default when the setting is used, all records included in the finding aid will be published - therefore listing the publication status as one of the elements adds no useful information, and may even lead to confusion among researchers (since "published" may imply something different out of AtoM's context).

In light of this, publication status should not be included in the full details or inventory summary finding aids when the "Generate finding aid as public user" setting is enabled.

To reproduce

  • Log in as an administrator
  • Navigate to Admin > Settings > Finding aid
  • Ensure that the "Generate finding aid as public user" setting is set to yes, and save any settings changes
  • Navigate to an archival unit with a hierarchy
  • Generate a finding aid and inspect the results

Resulting error

  • Publication status is included in the resulting output. This is easiest to identify in the Full Details finding aid

Expected result

  • If the finding aid is intended for use by public researchers (as the use of the setting suggests), then publication status should not be included in the resulting finding aid when this setting is enabled.

Also available in: Atom PDF