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User Manual and AtoM 2.6 CSV Template has differently named terms

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PAS reported that the User Manual is confusing as some of the terms that are named in the User Manual are different from the term used in the AtoM CSV Template. They would have hoped that the terms are consistent in both documentations to reduce confusion.


Resulting Error:
Template field: radParallelTitles
CSV Column: alternateTitle

Template field: radTitleStatementOfResponsibilityNote
CSV Column: radStatementOfResponsibilityNote

Expected Results:
Template field: radParallelTitles
CSV Column: radParallelTitles

Template filed: radNoteGeneral
CSV Column: radStatementOfResponsibilityNote

atom2.6-rad-template.xlsx - Eleanor created this excel sheet to highlight the differences found between the User Manual and CSV Template - please see the notes in the excel sheet for more explanations (24 KB) Melanie Kung, 11/30/2021 01:21 PM


#1 Updated by Dan Gillean 4 months ago

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This is helpful, but the situation has also proven to be less clear-cut upon closer examination. Some examples below:

Resulting Error:
Template field: radParallelTitles
CSV Column: alternateTitle

alternateTitle is properly documented. There is a separate notes field, which I had wrong - it's radTitleParallelTitles, rather than just radParallelTitles. I've corrected this now. it'd be nice if the primary field was actually radParallelTitles, rather than alternateTitle (since a parallel title, per RAD, is the same title in another language, rather than an actual alternative title) - but that's outside the scope of this issue.

Similarly, there are actually 3 fields in the CSV template that relate to notes on the Publisher's series. I've done a quick test - 2 are valid, and relate to different fields; one is not:

  • radPublishersSeriesNote - appears in the publisher's series area
  • radNotePublishersSeries - appears in the other notes area
  • radNoteOnPublishersSeries - does not import

I've corrected this, but have run into a bug that is preventing me from testing the roundtrip ability of each field, so will return to this.

I've made other corrections to the mixups noted in the spreadsheet - thanks!

2.6 docs commit: https://github.com/artefactual/atom-docs/commit/b35ae160d3b73a452209124e2b3ae4aa107029b3
2.7 docs commit: https://github.com/artefactual/atom-docs/commit/d3ab836fec0a80f4477369542610d351e9541c6f

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