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Remove automatic metadata additions from DC template when digital object is added; reorder element display

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Target version:Release 2.7.0
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This issue ticket will describe some minor usability fixes and enhancements for the Dublin Core template maintained in AtoM.


  • Remove programmatically added format and type metadata elements when a digital object is linked
  • Reorder template display so that description appears before / above subject terms in the DC view page

Details and rationale

Currently, when a digital object is linked to a DC description, AtoM will programmatically add format (image/jpeg) and type (image) metadata elements to the description. These added elements are not available in the edit template and cannot be removed by the user without also removing the attached digital object. Since a) the metadata record should describe an object, and not necessarily the digital object attached to show the object itself, and b) the type and mime type are already displayed in the DO metadata area for any associated digital objects, and c) programmatically adding this information removes user agency in descriptive practices, we will remove this feature from the DC template.

Similarly, the AtoM DC template currently displays subject access points before / above the DC description field. When many subject terms are added, this can be counterintuitive for end users, who have to scroll to find the basic description. DCMI clarifies that there is no set order for DC elements, and our analysts have found many production examples of DC metadata that display the dc:description field before any dc:subject elements. Consequently, we will also reorder the display so that any user-added description appears before added subject terms in the DC template.

Notes on next steps

  • Setting documentation to YES so we can review existing screenshots, but otherwise no updates are required
  • Reminder that this work should be done in both qa/2.x and in the BS5 development branch


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Merged in qa/2.x and the B5 branches.

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Tested in qa/2.x and BS5 branch

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