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Failed jobs don't show failed icon in Dashboard for SIP

Added by Courtney Mumma over 8 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Running a zipped bag through Archivematica, two failures were not reflected in the dashboard.

There should be an X, not a check next to the SIP when ingest fails at
Micro-service: Prepare DIP, Job: Copy METS to DIP directory and Micro-service: Prepare AIP, Job: Generate METS.xml document

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Failcheck.png (197 KB) Courtney Mumma, 11/30/2012 07:10 PM


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Do you know of an easy way to induce a failure during "Generate METS.xml document" (so I can replicate the issue)?

#5 Updated by Tim Hutchinson over 7 years ago

Related (I couldn't find a separate report) - Microservice: Normalize, Job: Move access files to DIP. When this job fails (and therefore the SIP fails), you get an e-mail but the dashboard shows a checkbox.

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See exerpt from discussion below about this issue and a desired workaround:
(11:49:34 AM) JustinS: courtney that ticket is one symptom of a larger issue - displaying errors and warnings for a Transfer - there are a few cases where the main micro service or task in the dashboard shows as green, but when you dig in and look at the details, there are errors or warnings in the stderr
(11:50:28 AM) JustinS: one possible workaround for 1.0 would be to make sure all warnings and errors from all microservices can be accessed in a report, at the end, so you don't have to click through and expand all the microservices

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I'll just add here (relating to the larger issue) that if you reject a DIP, the icon changes to reject SIP. But if the DIP upload fails, it remains "completed successfully."

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