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Upload submission documentation during transfer upload

Added by Courtney Mumma over 8 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Add ability to submit one or more files as submission documentation to the transfer upload in the dashboard. User would browse to source directory and add individual files to the transfer. Once all submission documentation and transfer directories were selected, user would begin transfer.

See original mockup: https://www.archivematica.org/wiki/File_Browser_Requirements

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Can this be moved to 1.1?

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Hi Courtney... is this a go? I think you were going to talk to Evelyn about it or something.

#5 Updated by Mike Cantelon over 7 years ago

Will the submission documentation files have some kind of naming convention? If so I can parse them and add the contained data to the database. Or maybe they're supposed to put into the transfer so somewhere in the microservice chain will process them? https://www.archivematica.org/wiki/File_Browser_Requirements doesn't seem to specify this stuff...

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No naming convention - they can be anything the user wants in a folder.

This shows how submission documentation is currently included in a transfer.
"Create a structured transfer outside the system to include submission documentation

Another option is to create a transfer in a structured directory prior to beginning processing in Archivematica. The structured directory in Archivematica is the basic configuration of the transfer. If you just add a directory to the dashboard and start transfer processing, Archivematica will restructure it so it complies with this structure. There should be three subdirectories: logs, metadata, objects. The objects directory contains the digital objects that are to be preserved. The metadata directory contains the checksum, the METS file, and a submissionDocumentation subfolder, which can be used for transfer forms, donation agreements or any other documents that relate to the acquisition of the records. The logs folder will eventually contain logs generated when processing the transfer in Archivematica. You can create subdirectories within objects if desired.

Open the file browser by clicking on the Home folder on the Archivematica desktop
The structured directory should contain three subdirectories: logs, metadata, objects. Copy the digital files to be preserved into the objects directory. Note that you can create subdirectories within objects.
Add submission documentation. In the transfer you have just created, navigate to the /metadata/ folder and add a /submissionDocumentation directory. Add files to that folder like donor agreements, transfer forms, copyright agreements and any correspondence or other documentation relating to the transfer. Any SIPs subsequently made from this transfer will automatically contain copies of this documentation.


#7 Updated by Mike Cantelon over 7 years ago

Okay, I think I get it. I'll allow the user to populate a folder of submission documentation (either in the transfer or stashed somewhere, whatever works).

As far as UI goes, maybe something like this... Once a user has added a transfer component then a button appears under the transfer components ("Upload submission documentation" or something). Clicking this button opens a new tab with a basic two paned file explorer.

The pane on the left allows them to navigate through a source directory to select file(s) to add to the submission documentation. The pane on the right allows them to structure their submission documentation directory by adding subdirectories and shows what files are in each directory. There'll be a "Copy" button that they can click to copy any files selected in the left pane to the right pane.

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Sounds good, but may not fit into 1.0.

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