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Add ability to sort when uploading digital objects

Added by Evelyn McLellan almost 12 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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When uploading multiple objects, ICA-AtoM adds them in order of how quickly they are uploaded. This means that if you have a body of items to be combined into a single parent object, for example, there is no way to control the order in which the pages are added.

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#1 Updated by Peter Van Garderen almost 12 years ago

It should be possible to sort siblings post-import. This feature is addressed by /p/qubit-toolkit/issues/detail?id=1289

#2 Updated by Anonymous almost 12 years ago

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#3 Updated by Evelyn McLellan over 11 years ago

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Moved to 1.2.

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#4 Updated by Anonymous almost 11 years ago

A solution could be to update the Import Tool to follow the order/numbering determined by the User.

#5 Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

  • Priority changed from Low to Medium
  • Target version changed from Release 1.2 to Release 1.2.1

Additional explanation and request for this feature to do the following: Indeed I am trying to upload series of documents and they should be
shown in a particular sequence. Imagine I want to upload Doc1, Doc2
and Doc3 in this order. I import documents and then when I upload they

image 1 = Doc2
image 2 = Doc3
image 3 = Doc1

I have tried to change the name of the docs from image to Doc with
their sequence numbers before uploading but it doesn't work. Documents
are sorted out as they appear after importing.
That's why I was wondering what kind of logic applies while importing/
uploading docs since it is not alphabetical, not related to the weight
of every doc, etc.

Ideally we should be able to sort them out according to the needs of
our archives. It would be recommendable to be able to predefine the
criteria we want to follow before importing/uploading docs.
Furthermore if it was necessary to upload/insert new docs within the
series, it should be possible to sort the docs out manually by
selecting the position of the new doc within the series.

I consider these features very important regarding the adaptability of
AtoM. Hope you can take this into account for the development of the
software. Unfortunately I am not an IT developer but I hope I can
offer a fresh point of view from an archivist testing AtoM!

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#6 Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

I am experiencing the same issue, and addressing it manually is proving to be extremely (perhaps prohibitively) time consuming. We intend to upload an archive including tens of thousands of individual document files that are already ordered and named sequentially, but now must be re-named individually upon import to ICA-AtoM.

Is there any way to tell ICA-Atom to adopt original file names as titles? I feel that this would likely be the easiest way (in our specific case) to address the issue, but am relatively new to ICA AtoM, so if anyone knows of any other workarounds or whether an official solution is in the works for an upcoming version please let me know.

Schuyler Lindberg
Digital Initiatives Student Librarian

#7 Updated by Jesús García Crespo over 10 years ago

Schuyler, thank you so much for your comments. As far as I know there is not any solution to this problem so far. There is also a discussion about the same issue in ica-atom-users: http://groups.google.com/group/ica-atom-users/browse_thread/thread/204485d5e0226ab4. As I said there, we will start a UX review as soon as possible and we are planning to tackle this issue in the process.

#8 Updated by Anonymous about 10 years ago

  • Target version changed from Release 1.2.1 to Release 1.3

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#9 Updated by Dan Gillean almost 7 years ago

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Moved to AtoM wishlist until sponsored for inclusion.

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