Bug #3686

Actor and dates separated on EAD round-trip export/import

Added by Evelyn McLellan over 11 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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To reproduce this error: ========================
1)Create an information object using RAD, DC or MODS template, and include a creation event linking an actor and dates.
2)Export the object
3)Import the object

Resulting error: ================
The single event is broken into two separate events, breaking the link between actor and dates. See attached screenshots.

Expected result: ================
The event should remain intact. I'll add this information to the table at http://qubit-toolkit.org/wiki/index.php?title=XML_import/export#Dublin_Core_round-trip_export.2Fimport_errors and link to this issue.

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original.png (464 KB) Evelyn McLellan, 12/01/2012 03:43 AM

exported.png (441 KB) Evelyn McLellan, 12/01/2012 03:43 AM


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Moved to 1.2.

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