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Saved searched results - ability to copy/export/e-mail individual results

Added by Tim Hutchinson over 11 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Part of planned SK development. This functionality is available in the current SAIN database (using SiteSearch).

sundog_usask_ca_search_results.png (131 KB) David Juhasz, 12/01/2012 04:17 AM


#1 Updated by David Juhasz about 11 years ago

See /p/qubit-toolkit/issues/detail?id=169. Duplicate?

#2 Updated by Tim Hutchinson about 11 years ago

I wondered about that when I first filed this issue. The way I had originally pictured this feature (saving marked records), I didn't think it was a duplicate. The way you've suggested approaching this, possibly. I will paste below our earlier e-mail exchange so that we don't lose track of this.

#3 Updated by Tim Hutchinson about 11 years ago

From David:

How do you imagine this would work for the user? My main concern is to allow saving a set of search results and retrieve it via a URI (using a random key?). Once this functionality is working, then emailing the URI to another party should be trivial.

I see exporting search results as a separate feature, and also a great enhancement to the current system. Once again, the details need to be discussed, imho. Which columns would you want to export? Should this be configurable? Does it depend on the user's permissions?

#4 Updated by Tim Hutchinson about 11 years ago

In our previous database (built-in functionality from OCLC Sitesearch), the export was fairly simple. The full record was "exported" via text display (could be displayed or e-mailed).

An important distinction may be that it's not only the results of a search that would need to be captured, but individual records. In implementations that I have seen of this, the user checks boxes, or clicks "save", and then has the option to copy/e-mail those records. See for example the U of S Library catalogue, using III/Millenium:

From this perspective, selecting individual records may be the key (and a more complicated aspect), rather than saving an entire results set.

#5 Updated by David Juhasz about 11 years ago

Tim, I've attached a screenshot of the search results page from http://sundog.usask.ca

Now that I've selected the records I want to export, how can I export them?

#6 Updated by Tim Hutchinson about 11 years ago

You first need to click on save marked records, at the top. Once you do that, a link will appear at the bottom of the page, VIEW SAVED, which has several options for export/e-mailing.

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