Bug #3932

Actor records (users, authority records and repositories) cause incorrect hit count for authenticated users

Added by Tim Hutchinson about 11 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Target version:Release 1.3
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To reproduce this error: ========================
logged into the demo site:
- do a general search for Townley. The hit count says 4, but 3 are
displayed. The extra hit would be the authority record
- delete all descriptions, repositories, and authority records
- do a general search without entering any terms - the hit count says 1
(which would be the demo user)
- add a user, and do the same search - the hit count says 2
- add an authority record, e.g. Smith, John. Doing a general search for
Smith gets you 1 hit, but nothing is displayed
- add a description linked to Smith. The hit count is now 2, but only
one (the description) is displayed.
- similar results after adding repository records

Resulting error: ================
Hit count is higher than number of hits displayed

Expected result: ================

Actor records (users, authority records and repositories) should not affect the general hit count.

See qubit-dev thread http://groups.google.com/group/qubit-dev/browse_frm/thread/9eb9397708117c92

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If you are logged-in you get a higher count than what is displayed, e.g., townley gives 1-4 hits but shows 3 records.

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This error is also occurring for Rights holders in Qubit Trunk. I added a rights holder for one series, which included 4 uploaded digital objects. In the archival description the rights holder is associated with the series and with 2 out of 4 of the archival descriptions for the digital objects. When I searched for that specific rights holder the response was one name with "1 of 2 out of 2" hits.

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Fixed r9996

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