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Specify parent for EAD import

Added by David Juhasz about 11 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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For example importing a series or file as a child of a Fonds that is already in the system.


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Fixed in r12161.

Guideline for testing:

- To import a new set of documents into an existing record, (1) go to the view page of the existing record, (2) in the sidebar, under the section "Import", click on "XML". The import screen will appear with the difference that now the title bar will show the record that we are using as the container for the new import set, (3) select the XML document and upload it, (4) make sure that the new data set imported is now a child of the record selected previously.

- This functionality may break the XML import feature, please make sure that it is working (SKOS, etc...).

- Please also make sure that importing XML documents is working through the classic workflow: (1) admin menu, (2) import, (3) XML, ...

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I successfully imported item-level description (XML) into an existing Fonds-> Series.
On import ICA-AtoM shows the name of the level being imported into.

Regular Import of parent-levels is working. Not sure what you mean about "classic workflow"? Please explain.

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