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Link physical storage to institutions

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To reproduce this error: ========================
1) Log in.
2) Create a new record and link it to a repository.
3) After saving, click the Link Physical Storage button

Note: This possible issue was brought to my attention by a MemoryBC contributer who wrote "I didn’t like that I had to give each box a name because we don’t name our boxes, we just give them a location. But you can’t just put in the location. So I started giving them names such as 'Box 1', 'Box 2' etc., but I noticed that there are so many with names like that, that if I chose a wrong one, it would give me someone else’s location."

Resulting error: ================

See attached screenshot. The screen gives no indication whether the auto-suggest container numbers belong to a specific institution or are simply a string of numbers. In my contributer's comment, it's the part of "if I chose a wrong one, it would give me someone else's location" that troubles me.

I was unable to verify what was happening.

Expected result: ================

If a MemoryBC contributor is being given an auto-suggest list of container numbers that includes containers from another institution, then ICA-AtoM needs to be fixed so the contributor can only choose its own containers OR ICA-AtoM needs to offer the contributor an option to choose an institution for a container location.

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This may be a duplicate of /p/qubit-toolkit/issues/detail?id=772.

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This is a good question.
I tested this and it appears that a contributor can select a container name/box from another institution and link the description to it. There are no warnings that the physical storage belongs to another institution. Additionally, once the physical storage is linked to an archival description the process of deleting it requires the user to delete the container/box from ALL instances, regardless of institution.

I also tested with a contributor that had permissions limited by repository, and they were able to link physical storage to an archival description that existed in a separate repository.

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